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CES 2015

Fashion Tech at CES

Every year CES brings us many cool products from large companies to the small crowdfounded startups. Many say this year wearable tech and smart TV stole the show. Here’s a quick review of some of best wearable and fashion related tech presented at CES last week.

MisFit: With tasteful pendant and bracelet accessories, Misfit is targeting a fashion conscious crowd are interested in fitness trackers. At CES Misfit released the new solar powered fitness tracker in collaboration with Swarovski, Shine. The uniquely designed violet Swarovski “energy crystal” on Shine’s front face helps gather light, which is collected and converted to electricity through a solar array. Misfit claims it only takes 15 minutes of sunlight to fully charge the device (small footprint).

Shine fitness tracker

Toshiba - Smart Mirror: Toshiba brought its smart mirror as virtual dressing room, to CES this year. It is an innovative product, where people can try on clothes without the hassle of fitting rooms, in stores.

Smart Mirror

Withings Activité Pop - The face of the Activité Pop looks almost identical to the original Activité watch, featuring a large analogue clock. In the lower right corner there’s a second analogue dial which shows how close you are to your daily fitness or sleep goal. This is a sleek, Swiss-made watch with a smart tracker.

Activité Pop

Fitbit: They released two new products at CES, Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge. Both are designed to connect with a smartphone and receive texts and call alerts. They have caller ID, optical heart rate monitoring, and sleep monitoring.


We can see how fashion tech and wearable tech is maturing. It is not about features and functionality anymore, it is going from purely nerdy gadgets to stylish technology that can reflect our personal style. We missed CES this year (we were busy building Nifty Size), but next year we will be attending with Nifty to bring our revolutionary augmented reality fashion app and some other secret goodies to CES, 2016.

Penned with passion by Firouzeh
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