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2015 Nifty Year

Farewell 2014

As this year comes to an end, it has truly been an an epic year for Nifty, with all the ups and downs we met our ultimate goal, we delivered the first Nifty app (it only scans you for now, but it works great :)

Our journey in 2014 was long, fun, surprising and unique. Here are the most important moments.

Our initial mission was mass-customization. Because of that, we wanted to experiment with a custom-made collection so we raised some money through Kickstarter. We learnt a lot about fashion production, as to what kind of work goes into it, the process of research, design, selection of fabrics depending on price, season, properties and perception, creation of sewing patterns based on standard models or real people and software and machines that cut and sew the garments. The traditional measurement technique we learnt was challenging and we were starting to connect the dots.

The Kickstarter project included fun local marketing campaigns, like this one with apples popping up at the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto. Ain’t that cool?!

After successfully raising, we went all-in doing pattern grading, a technique to adapt the sewing pattern to the measurements of a real person to give the garments a made-to-measure cut.

All of that knowledge, that we assimilated from books, videos and experts who we went to visit in the Bay Area, was later distilled into mathematical rules and then into code.

Soon enough, we started to print out our automagically-graded patterns, that could be exported to Gerber format too (the industry standard used by cutting machines).

As we were approaching the first version of our mass-customization product, online shop included, we realized we were missing a key piece, the measurement. We experienced first hand how error-ridden and imprecise measuring with a measuring tape could be, even in the hands of informed and skilled people. The next logical step was to automate the measurement. At that point we took a strategic decision and agreed to focus our 100% on the measurement app.

The first version we shipped was a desktop app that could cobble together dozens of photos of a person and create a 3D model in 6 hours. That day we were going to events, so we were walking around SF with a semi-opened laptop to let it continue the processing.

Yes, it was a bit weird.

Shortly after that, we witnessed how hard it was to take photos to build a good model, even in perfect conditions. Also, the user wouldn’t have known until after the processing if the photos were good enough or if she had to retake them. That didn’t sound like a great experience to us. We hate crappy experiences. So we started working on a mobile app that could do that in real-time, without any server component.

Just days before Christmas, we had a functioning prototype and we are now feverishly working towards the first stable version of Nifty Fit.

Resolutions for 2015

This year just like many entrepreneurs out there we are going to list our new year resolutions and aim to keep them all. Most of the time we are pretty good at setting goals, at least this is what we believe. January 1st is especially unique and motivating when it comes to setting goals and making changes. Here is a shortlist of resolutions for us and Nifty in 2015.

Obsessing more about Nifty

We believe if we are going to succeed we need to live and breathe Nifty even more than last year. So this year we are not going to take more “me” time or to try to achieve better balance in our lives, but we are going to make sure taking Nifty to next level is our top priority.

Finding our Angel

Some people say that Angels are not real. But if you have lived in Silicon Valley and hanged out of Coupa Cafe on University Ave, you have seen them, they are real! Seriously. They say angel investors will find you if it’s a good match, so we are going to focus on making it easy for them to find us by improving our network and showing off our awesome app and vision.

Getting more Advisors

We know we don’t know everything, so we have been trying to surround ourselves with people that add depth to our work. As a result we have a couple of amazing advisors onboard. In 2015 we are going to invest time to find more great people, there are couple of names on our list: Diane Von Furstenberg and Tory Burch on the fashion side.

Release and starting to work with our first clients

We want people to start using the app to buy online and for that we need to release it and to bring onboard the first clients.

The Nifty Year

This year just like last, we dare to continue to be bold and do the one thing we always wanted to do, our own Fashion-Tech startup. We know we are leaping to new unknowns and that is very exciting. This year we dare to be Nifty.

Happy New year

May all odds be on your side this year

Penned with passion by Firouzeh & Alessandro
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