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Little Black Dress

The little black dress (LBD) has cemented its place in every woman’s wardrobe as one of the most versatile and essential articles of clothing. This little black gem can go from day to night, dressy to casual and fits every occasion perfectly. It can be dressed up , dressed down, worn classy or even sexy without it missing a bit. Diane Von Furstenberg put it nicely:

The little black dress is the true friend…she travels with you…is patient and constant…you go to her when you don’t know where else to go and she is ALWAYS reliable and timeless. Even though now we have come to love this simple and useful piece of clothing , it has not always been this way. The LBD has not always been the hottest girl at the dance and has gone through changes to reach its well deserved place.

The rise of LBD

Previous to the 1920’s black was the color reserved for somber and gloomy events. A black dress was the symbol of mourning and was used accordingly. However nothing really stays the same one individual can inspire a change that start a movement. In the case of the little black dress Coco Chanel was the revolutionary whom changed the destiny of this misused garment. Coco Chanel catapulted the LBD to new heights by publishing a slick and useful design in Vogue in 1926. The Vogue article changed the black dress from a mourning outfit to the closet staple of all women. The color was now seen as elegant and versatile which could be used by women of all income brackets. The little Black Dress has stood the test of time, while it has gone through different phases from the mod mini dress in the 60’s and the rock and roll look of the 90’s it has stood its ground and has persevered.

Simply Chic

The LBD is an amazingly simple garment that could be worn many different ways and gives every woman an easily attainable and elegant look. It is the best sidekick for the everyday superwoman which can seamlessly go from the boardroom to a date night. As a woman, it is hard to imagine your closet without the Little Black Dress.

Timeless yet contemporary

Glance through the pictures from the breath taking Little Black Dress exhibition that was curated by Vogue Contributing Editor Andre Leon Talleyin 2013.

Kiss and do tell

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