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Go Fund Yourself

I’m sure most you have seen the season premier of SouthPark “Go Fund Yourself” (spoilers ahead). When I watched it, I could not stop laughing at how geniusly they have staged our beloved Silicon Valley startup scene and the culture of “getting rich quick”(among other stuff).

Describe you company in 7 words

Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and of course Kenny searched for the perfect name for their company. The name that was original, showed what they stand for and was not taken already, well we all know how that quest goes! Finally they launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for their startup. They were called the “Washington Redskins”, after Cartman learned it was an available trademark. Their company’s under 7 word blurb was “make money by doing absolutely nothing”.

Start up, cash in, sell out & bro down

Nothing beats Cartman’s four-point plan for the startup success: start up, cash in, sell out and bro down (he rules). They made a kick-ass and genuine Kickstarter video, and asked the Kickstarter crowd to pledge only a few dollars to make their dream happen.

By pledging just one or two dollars, you are helping us in our fervent quest of not having to do stuff.

As a founder of a startup living in SV, I live and breath startups, MVPs, fund raising, Angels and… it is alway refreshing to see how other people outside of my world can make fun of what I take too seriously. It is good to be reminded that there is another world outside of SV that is laughing at the chaos we proudly call startup life.

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