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Unstylish Wearable Tech

We all got our first glimpse of the mighty iWatch with a mile long list of features a few days ago. It sounded great and did not look repelling as an electronic gadget, but was it fashionable and stylish? Not really. I do certainly admire its technical aspects (I’m a geek at heart), but from a fashion point of view I doubt anyone would wear it for its aesthetics. It is more of a nerdy gadget that geeks would love more that aesthetes for sure… remember G Glass?

It is wearable, it is wearable not…

I personally was expecting something beyond just a digital toy watch from the mighty god of sleekness and coolness, Apple. Honestly I keep wondering, if Apple can not pull this off, can anyone else do a better job ever? Will we see a wearable technology that is actually wearable anytime soon? I absolutely believe there is something missing in the design of this so called wearable tech, and that is the essentials of fashion. From what we have seen it seems the process is to take tech functions and apply them to fashion accessories. Therefore the items behave nerdy and cannot be viewed or used as a luxury and stylish piece. They simply feel wrong.

Where are the experts?

As we needed engineering to step in, and work with doctors to utilize the technology to bring medicine to the next level, we need fashion designers to step up and work with engineers to embed the technology into beautifully crafted fashionable items.

Till then we can promise not to laugh at the ones wearing these gadgets for the sole purpose of improving their lives.

Prototype by Casio from the 1980s

Firouzeh @ Nifty

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