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Kiss and do tell

With all this technology around us, sometimes I personally miss the real human touch in our modern communication. All the fancy apps and software we have are great, but have you ever though how much you really relate on a personal level? For instance, when you receive an e-card with a great happy message, and your name typed on it with a nice font, does it feel personal enough? Like any other millennials, an innovative, different, and humanized way of communication always attracts me. Finding a way to the heart of my tech savvy, social media loving generation is not easy.

Romance meets technology

Last year, one of my favorite luxury brands, Burberry, charmingly humanized the technology we all know and use to interact with millennials in a more personal way. A digital postcard that you can sign and seal with your own kiss and send to anyone anywhere in the world. Generation Y, has been alway connected and in fact we do not know the world without the Internet. We all have received and sent many e-cards, and they do not excite us even a bit, but Burberry’s romantic touch has harnessed technology as a way of delivering unique experience by making the digital personal. My generation wants to be more engaged with products and be able to interact with brands.

Close to our hearts

It seems Burberry well understands that this generation wants to be more engaged with products and be able to interact with brands. Maybe most of us can not afford a Burberry trench today, but a personalized marketing campaign, without a push to buy the product, keeps us engaged with the brand’s world.

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