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Creatives’ Words: Anubha Srivastav | A by Anubha

Anubha Srivastav, a San Francisco based fashion designer, founded A by Anubha in October 2012. Her pieces are bold, timeless, unique, and made with hand-woven fabrics.

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer? 9th grade. I liked crafting stuff, but I was not into sewing, it worked out at the end. What’s the best thing about being a young creative in San Francisco? Multiculturalism. And the worst? The cost. How would you describe your designs? Classic and chic.

What elements do you keep in your designs? And is it important to have a signature? My designs are based on a fresh take on the traditional Indian Bandh-Gala. I believe the signature comes naturally to any designer and I can not escape myself.

When I see people wearing my designs I feel they are experiencing my insights, which worth a lot.

Do you get to spend a lot of time designing? I put a lot of time for the concept creation. I spend about a month to explore the idea and find inspirations. And about a two days to do the sketches for the collection. What is it that people don’t know about designing a clothing line? The effort and time that goes to the concept building, choosing the right fabric for each design, most people do not know the process they just see the glamorous part. Describe your style… Clean and classic. What’s your connection to India today? I use the Indian hand woven fabrics, wool and Khadi, and I produce in India.How did you come to start your own line? After finishing design school, I worked for some designers in India and I did an internship at Donna Karen in NY. I always wanted to have my own label though, I did not expect to start this early but I think it has its benefits. Who do you think is the ideal A by Anubha woman? A corporate and strong woman who loves the clean sharp cuts and lives in a big busy city.

A by Anabha’s Fall, 2014 collection is now available @

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