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Fruits or People!

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Choice vs Necessity

I love buying new clothes but avoiding the mall has become one of my best talents over the years, thanks to online shopping. The truth is online shopping is convenient in many ways but it has a big flaw, you have no idea about the fit of the clothes until you receive them in the mail! Therefore, sometimes, when in rush, the daunting task of shopping for a new outfit in stores becomes a necessity and not a choice. The other day I was standing in front of my closet and staring at my clothes for several minutes, I realized I have nothing to wear and putting on my favorite jeans and silk top ,which is my goto outfit is not an option this time. That upcoming Friday I was invited, and had accepted the invitation to a friend’s 30th birthday at a somewhat dressy place and would have to get it together and at least try to dress appropriately. The realization set in that I actually have to bite the bullet and go to the mall, may be even try on some dresses. This was on Tuesday and I put off the dreaded shopping day till that Thursday.

Apple, Banana or Pear?

During the next couple of days the thought of going to the mall and coming back empty handed kept popping up in my head. While lost in browsing online stores to get an idea where to find my dress, a show on TV talking about the woman’s body and the different shapes it comes in caught my attention. The very well dressed host was describing the different body shapes and trying to give each of the women on her stage a recipe for dressing their bodies. As the women came up she gave them a look up and down and named their body shape. There was the hourglass or peanut, apple, banana and pear. It seemed like the all knowing body shape whisper of a host was ordering lunch instead of describing the bodies in question. The lady who was described as a banana didn’t really look like a banana to me. She was slender and lovely and not at all yellow. The apple shaped women looked nothing like an apple and had great legs. After listening to the host lady talk for a while and point to the women literally like their bodies were nothing but fruits I got annoyed and turned off the TV.

Facing the Mall

The next day which was Thursday, the day before I had to be cute and dressed for a birthday party, I headed to the mall. I entered the great big doors and walked into a world of colorful stores. I entered the first store, picked up everything I thought I would like and would maybe look good on me. I went inside the dressing room and came back with nothing. I took on the next store feeling lucky, picked up a few dress and hoped for the best. To my surprise none of them fit either. I looked at the tags just to make sure they were the right size. Number 4 was clearly on all the tags. I thought, how many size 4 dresses did I have to try on till I found the one that fits? 3? 8? 15? Three hours later I found the number was 10.

No fruits on the tags

I came home with a dress but also with a series of questions. Why is it so hard to shop as a woman and why is there so many odd ways our bodies are being represented? Why has it come down to giving our bodies fruit names? Why size 4 has different measurement in each brand? BUT… I had found my dress. I realized that this dress makes me feel good because it is not ill-fitting. It is not a size 4 but it fits well. I still don’t know what fruit I would be but who really cares! What every woman needs is to easily find well fitting clothes. Tag sizes do not guarantee the fit. A size 4 in one store is a size 6 in another and trust me when I tell you there are also no fruits shapes on the tags.


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