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Cleaning Your Closet

As we are approaching the end of the Summer I thought I finally have a good reason to declutter my closet. Because of my aversion to cleaning, my closet sometimes looks as if a hurricane has moved in. There is also my bad habit of keeping pretty much everything, and I mean everything.

My strategy

Last week I put my sleeves up and went in to my closet prepared to battle the army of hangers and the clothes I have not worn for at least the past 4 years. Like any great general I went in with a strategy. Music, put on your favorite radio station or make a play list that you love and boosts your energy. Nothing makes a mundane task more bearable then a great song. Next, designate 3 different basket or bags, one for the keepers, another for the still in good shape, give aways, and third for the things that no one would ever want to see or wear again, the trash.

Be honest with yourself…

One thing to keep in mind is honesty. Pick up each garment and really look at it. Ask these simple questions.

  1. When was the last time you were the piece? If it’s been more than 12 months, its time to go.
  2. Does it still fit? Don’t keep things that don’t fit anymore, get rid of them and make room for some new and flattering pieces.
  3. Is your style the same as when the clothing was purchased? The black studded skull shirt you got in your gothic days needs to go.
  4. Do you still like it? If you don’t, for any reason, you should put it in one of the two trash or donate pails.
  5. Does it fit the weather and the season? Is it suitable for Fall?

Answer the questions truthfully and start separating. My keeps mainly included the versatile garments that can go through the seasons with me. Also the things I love and wear frequently.

“Don’t Keep” Pile

After figuring out what to keep, look at what should be discarded. If what you want to get rid of is in good shape you have two options. The first option is to donate. Salvation Army or the “dress for success” are two great donating options. If you’re looking to sell check out these websites include: Bib+tuck, Ebay or Threadflip. Being promised some greens or some karma point may make the idea of getting rid of your stuff a little easier.

Reward Yourself Look at the whole process this way, the more things you let go of the more new things you can buy. Cleaning out your closet gives you a good reason to reward yourself and buy those boots and dress you have been eyeing for the Fall 2014.


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